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Sick of forever looking for that right horse?

Tired of endlessly calling, traveling, questioning and just plain looking? Perhaps the horse you thought you were going to look at wasn't really what you were told it would be once you got there? E-mail us, call, or better yet, fill out the form below. (I spent forever trying to figure it out and get it in here) Let us know exactly what you are looking for, and for what purpose you need your horse, and we'll help find him or her for you. We take great and painstaking effort to "match" the horse to the person. We pride ourselves in fitting good horses with good people. We will take the time to know you and your intention with your new horse, then, if it's a horse we don't specifically own ourselves, we will take the time to try and find a horse for you and then, if you think it might work we will get to know, and "test drive" the horse before we introduce you. There are many, many variables to a proper "fit" and we do our best to achieve just the right match of rider to mount.

We also offer assistance in selling your horse that perhaps isn't quite working out for you, or your just moving up or just getting out. For whatever reason, just ask. It never hurts to ask!

Please keep in mind the following while filling out the form below. Palomino's, Buckskins and Pinto's are registerable colors of horses and NOT breeds of horses. We are breeders and very much strive to maintain the quality and integrity of breeding. We have the largest concentration of Sonny Dee Bar and Two Eyed Jack bred horses in the state. Very rarely will I run across a grade horse that is of the quality and integrity we strive to represent. All the forms are taken seriously and with great consideration. Please don't use it as a simple "wish" list but as a tool for us to help you find the horse you are seriously intending to locate.

Thank-you for your time in allowing us to serve you.


Your name
Your e-mail
Your address
Your telephone number
Your primary riding style
Years as a horse owner
Years of riding experience
Are you a confident rider?
When do you expect to have purchased a horse?


Breed of horse preferred
Age of horse preferred
Sex of horse preferred
Preferred color
Horse's primary training or potential
Do you need your horse to be registered?
What is your inteded use?
What is your price range?

Now just hit submit and we'll get started. I'll be in contact with you soon. Thanks for your confidence in us!

P.S. I'm having some difficulty with retrieving our forms. If, for some reason, you don't hear back from us within 24 hours, please send us an e-mail from any of the links provided with your information and we'll get back with you promptly. There has been no problems related to direct e-mails, just the form.

Thanks for your patience.