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Most boarding is reserved for Training Horses & On Farm Breeding and Foaling Mares. However, some private boarding is open to individuals on a first come first serve basis. Stall space for individuals is limited and, as with all the horses, strict veterinarian and immunization records and current coggins are required before entering any horse onto the property.

KJ's is a "full service" boarding and riding facility. We offer three times daily feedings of quality alfalfa and alfalfa/grass hay and our own mixed grain at your discretion. We strip muck stalls and use good quality straw for bedding. We have turn out available for those who like to go outside. Full access to the arena and trails is offered to all boarders.

Boarding Fees start at $250.00 per month and are the typical 30 day re-newable contract.

For specific questions other details and/or availability, just send me an E-mail or feel free to call. I'll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have.