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For more information on any of the following programs, please feel free to call or e-mail.

~Breaking and Training~

From re-freshing the "barn-sour" or "herd-bound" horse to breaking and training the new horse.

We offer several comprehensive training programs. Our training professionals, with over 40 years of combined experience, will evaluate you and your horse of circumstances, both past and present, the history and relationship between you and your horse, and your future goals and expectations to provide a breaking and/or training program relevant and safe for you and your horse.

Fees for training and/or breaking will vary depending on the conditions, requirements and goals of the program and it's applications.

Owner participation is highly recommended during the last phases of training before the horse returns home.

The following are actual photos of just a couple of the the horses we've trained





~RhineStone Cowgirls~

Dawn Davis on "Tips Dazzlin Doll", and Richele Toomey on "FreeLoader".

RhineStone Cowgirls is a specifically developed and very unique program created for adult women at the beginning to novice level of horsemanship. This program was designed specifically for the woman who gave up their horse as a young girl, or have always had the dream to ride, but due to career and/or children have not been able to pursue that dream. Until Now!

It is NOT too late and This Program is FOR YOU!

We will not only ease your apprehension in finding that perfect friend and partner, but we teach you how to gain or regain your confidence with your mount. RhineStone Cowgirls offers an opportunity to learn horsemanship for fun, sense of accomplishment, competition or just plain Dream Fulfillment.

This program has been very sucessful and we will be planning trail rides and parades as well.

This is your time. You've Earned it so Enjoy it!

All lessons, are conducted privately and teach pro-active riding skills and balance for REAL LIFE situations. We are not necissarily concerned with how "pretty" you look, but teach you how to react to the body language of your mount, and to prevent or correct problem behaviors before they even occur.

~Beginner Equestrian~

Generally for children old enough to have a genuine interest, but size requirements or lack of experience limits their ability to safely ride on their own. (We require a child to be at least 50" tall.) We emphasize safety and the "safe zones". We do a lot of ground work, longing, and the learning and use of verbal commands. This is also a great refresher for the enthusiast who, for one reason or another, has been "laid up" and wants to get re-aquainted.

~Beginner Riding Skills~

For the individual who really wants to learn "how". This is the beginning of interaction between rider and horse. We give instruction in balance, proper seat and posture, and hand and leg placement. Walk and Trot.

Above, first is Jay, 7 years old, learning on Bingo and then again, at age 8 and riding Jazz.

Then, Heather, 7 years old, learning on Dusty under the close instruction of Sheri

And K.C., age 10 on Jazz.

~Intermediate Riding Skills~

Now we begin to use the techniques learned in earlier stages to cue the horse with leg and/or rein. We will start here in the use of a more pro-active approach to riding. Walk, trot, canter.

~Advanced Riding Skills~

Learn the "what-if's" and how to discipline a "bad" ride.