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Subj: Fwd: "Lucky" AKA "Bandit" 
Date: 8/24/02 7:39:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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Hi Tom and Sandy,

"Lucky" - which I decided to call "Bandit" named after anther horse I liked -
is here and settled in.  He is everything you said at this point.  He met the
approval of our dear friend, Jerry, a 74-yr-old horseman from way back.  If
Bandit met his approval, then he has passed the biggest hurdle.

It is obvious that he has showmanship experience.  He sets up well and jogs
off with just the slightest cue.  It will be so much fun to figure out all
what this fella can do.  Tomorrow we are going to walk him by some cows and
see what happens.  He didn't do anything with the goat in the barn, so I
suspect he'll be fine.

Just thought I would update you about how everything went.  He travelled very
well for the 9 hours he was on the trailer.  Very quiet.  I was thinking
about when he pulled back when I tied him in the trailer.  I believe he
thought I wanted him to back out and he started back and then realized he was
tied.  He never did anything like that again. 

Thanks for everything.  So far, he is working out great. 

Sandy and Bill Maines